Ricardo Trigo

Efficient piece with the video "Huida Salvaje, 2010", 2014
Impervious continuum, (Private showing), Junefirst Gallery, Berlin. 2014
Efficient piece with Plinth Nº 9, 2014
Plinth Nº 9, Informationalism, 2013
Inneficient Piece, Xavi said to me: you are from Berlin. And I said to him: No! I'm from Palafrugell, 2013
Compositions, 2012
Idiotic smiles, 2012
Deforman detenimientos / Standing form founders / Rodrigo Tacir at sis galeria. 2013
Easy. Complicating speech, without the or a at Fundació Suñol. Barcelona. 2012

Videos, 2010 -2014